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Pool Safely Simple Steps Save Lives provides a variety of materials for partners and other safety-minded organizations that are useful for informing and educating the public about drowning and entrapment prevention. These resources are available in hard copy and can be ordered by sending the Pool Safely Materials order form to You can scan and send the form by email or you can type your order and mailing information into an email and send it to Materials will be sent as available. Many of these items can be printed by using the pdf format provided below

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Pool Safely Song and Video

Pool Safely Song

Teach your kids the 4 simple steps of water safety with this fun song written and performed by children’s recording artist Laurie Berkner.

The Adventures of Splish and Splash

Splish and SplashThis three part child-friendly interactive game was created to help families teach young children about water safety.
The adorable characters visit a home pool and a public pool with a simple introduction to learning to swim.

Available Formats
Educational Video Introduction

Educational VideoLearn how the greatest water safety assurance in swimming pools and spas comes from adopting and practicing as many water safety steps as possible.

Pool Safely Step 1: Supervision

Pool Safely Step 1: An Educational VideoChapter 1 of 7

Learn more about how constant supervision is an important step to ensure safety around pools and spas.

Pool Safely Step 2: Fencing

Pool Safely Step 2: An Educational VideoChapter 2 of 7

Learn how making sure pools and spas have secure fencing and gates can keep children safe is an important safety step.

Pool Safely Step 3: Pool & Spa Covers

Pool Safely Step 3: An Educational VideoChapter 3 of 7

Learn how keeping pools or spas covered is an important safety step.

Pool Safely Step 4: Alarms

Pool Safely Step 4: An Educational VideoChapter 4 of 7

Learn about several types of alarms—door, pool and gate—that sound when something goes wrong around the pool. Adding alarms to your safe pool practices may save a life.

Pool Safely Step 5: Safety Drain Covers

Pool Safely Step 5: An Educational VideoChapter 5 of 7

Learn how pool and spa safety drain covers are an important safety step and are required by law.

Pool Safely Step 6: Swimming Lessons

Pool Safely Step 6: An Educational VideoChapter 6 of 7

Learn how drownings and close calls are eight times more likely to happen to kids who can’t swim.

Pool Safely Step 7: Learning CPR

Pool Safely Step 7: An Educational VideoChapter 7 of 7

Learn how knowing CPR could save a life, and it’s an important safety step to have around the pool.

Pool Safely TV PSAs

Pool Safely Video PSAsLearn how the greatest water safety assurance in swimming pools and spas comes from adopting and practicing as many water safety steps as possible.

Guidance for Compliance

Guidance for Compliance

CPSC’s 8 training videos for proper inspection of pools and spas for compliance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act.

Available Formats