Parents & Families

An afternoon spent at a swimming pool or spa is a great way to enjoy time with the family, especially for energetic kids who love the water. Yet it’s important for parents and children to always Pool Safely while they’re in the water.

To Pool Safely means adopting critical water safety steps to assure that a great afternoon at the pool doesn’t turn into a tragic one. Whether a family is at a residential or public pool or spa, parents and children can always take additional steps to be safe while having fun.

CPSC urges families to use the water safety steps that work best for them, building on preferred safety techniques and adopting new ones to keep everyone protected in pools and spas.

In this section, parents and families can learn about the many water safety steps to be used at public and residential pools and spas and access helpful CPSC Pool Safely materials, including brochures, tip cards and educational videos.

Simple Steps Save Lives

Learn how simple safety steps save lives in and around pools and spas.
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Residential Pool & Spa Owners

Discover what you need to know about your residential pool or spa.
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Getting Involved

Learn more about what you can do to keep kids safe at your own pool or at community pools and spas.
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Education & Training

Discover a wealth of information for parents and families on pool and spa safety.
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Resources for Parents & Families

CPSC offers a comprehensive library of brochures, reports, videos and checklists on pool and spa safety for the general public, including parents and families.
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Kids’ Corner

Children will enjoy CPSC’s educational videos and interactive activities while learning about pool safety and family fun in the water.
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