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Father and daughterFor pool or spa owners, it is essential to adopt critical water safety steps to assure the safety of children in and around the water. By installing safety devices and observing proper water safety behaviors, parents can secure their pools and spas for use by their families, friends and neighbors.

CPSC favors multiple safety steps for swimming pools and spas, ranging from installing pool and spa fences to ensuring children know how to swim. When combined, these safety strategies help ensure that both adults and children are amply protected in and around the water.

How Safe is Your Residential Pool or Spa?

CPSC recommends that residential pool and spa owners adopt water safety steps to prevent children from accessing the water when there is no adult supervision, and they are appropriately protected when an adult is available to supervise.
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Install VGB-Compliant Drain Covers

One of the most important factors in keeping children and adults safe from entrapment incidents in pools and spas is to install anti-entrapment or safety drain covers that are compliant with the P&SS Act.
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Inspect Pools & Spas

A vital step in assuring the safety of a residential pool or spa is to have it inspected by a trained and qualified inspector. Properly maintained facilities reduce the risk of drownings, submersion injuries and entrapments.
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Find Qualified Engineers & Professionals

A qualified engineer or pool professional can play a critical role in ensuring that a residential pool or spa is operating safely. By properly installing safety devices or accurately measuring the water flow rate through a spa or hot tub, these professionals help maintain the security of residential pools or spas.
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Who is Virginia Graeme Baker?

Seven-year-old Virginia Graeme Baker’s tragic death inspired her family to advocate for pool and spa safety and moved Congress to act to prevent entrapments. 
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The Pool and Spa Safety Act: Staff interpretation and updates


Find the most up to date requirements for the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act.