Partner Organizations

Pool Safely is a national public information and education campaign to reduce child drownings, non-fatal submersions and entrapments in pools and spas. The campaign to make drowning and entrapment prevention a critical public safety priority combines the efforts of national drowning prevention, water and children’s safety groups, pool and spa industry leaders and operators, and state and local entities involved in pool and spa regulation.

The Pool Safely campaign has been purposefully structured to serve as an umbrella message for the pool and spa safety efforts being led by organizations in communities across the country.

The campaign is enlisting this diverse group of organizations to provide information and resources that will echo, reinforce and expand the reach of the broader campaign now and in the future. This approach is based on a tiered partnership structure with partner organizations falling into one of three partnership categories: Campaign Safety Partners, Campaign Safety Leaders and the Campaign Safety Community. New partners may sign up at any time and we encourage groups with an interest in pool and spa safety to become a Pool Safely partner organization.

Meet our Partners

Pool Safely campaign partners have committed to participate in specific activities depending on their level of engagement and the reach of their organization.
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What our Partners are Doing

Pool Safely campaign partners are sharing the critical message that Simple Steps Save Lives by helping develop campaign resources and having a visible role in public events and announcements to promote the campaign.
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Becoming a Partner

The Pool Safely campaign welcomes the involvement of new partner organizations that are dedicated to promoting the campaign at one of three levels of engagement.
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Resources for Partners

The Pool Safely campaign has created a number of resources that help partner organizations share the Simple Steps Save Lives message with the public.
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